Monday, September 13, 2010

Open Source Music

This project will use your donations
to purchase and release music
to the public domain.
Finally, there exists a project to release classical music that you can use and share without breaching any legalese. wants to set music free for our total enjoyment.

Musopen is an online music library of copyright free (public domain) music. We want to give the world access to music without the legal hassles so common today. There is a great deal of music that has expired copyrights, but almost no recordings of this music is in the public domain. We aim to record or obtain recordings that have no copyrights so that our visitors may listen, re-use, or in any way enjoy music. Put simply, our mission is to set music free.
Right now, they are trying to raise funds to hire an orchestra to record the works of Beethoven, Brahms, Sibelius and Tchaikovsky. If you've got some spare PHP 100.00 and a credit card, please back their project here.

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