Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 in Bullet Points

Here's my 2011 log:
  • Got inducted to the Secret Society of DAS*
  • Regained the 16.5 lbs I have technically lost* 
  • Attended a basketball coaching camp
  • Attended a lot more PBA Games than last year
  • Visited a very cold HK in March!
  • Replaced some of my over-recycled shirts
  • Spent a couple of nights in Tagaytay with friends
  • Launched the biggest project of my career (work stuff)
  • Played a lot of basketball
  • Found it harder to play a lot of basketball than in 2010
  • Coached three men's teams (no luck)
  • Coached two women's teams to the championships
  • Renewed my dormant license and paid a hefty fine*
  • Tried to play Futsal and my team were crowned champions (what luck!)
  • Visited a (still) very cold HK in December!
  • Got a new lens and flash for my camera
  • Wrote my first yearly recap
* Too long to explain

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