Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Virus Attack

A nasty virus successfully infiltrated my system defences and here's a log of what happened:

Day 1. Stomach acted up. I thought I was having a bad case of food poisoning.
Day 2. Started having chills and sporadic cold sweating. I took activated charcoal to take care of the stomach problem.
Day 3. Fever started to set it. Resorted to ice and cold water therapy. Water intake doubled.
Day 4. Viral upper respiratory infection was beginning to take place. Fever reached its peak. Not a stomach flu as suspected. Wife had it a couple of weeks ago so I was suffering the same symptoms but in a different sequence. Throat got scratchy. Headache very terrible.
Day 5. Leg muscles got weaker everyday. Stayed in the couch the whole day. The living room became an isolation ward to keep the virus at bay. Very little appetite but tripled water intake to prevent dehydration. Throat felt like a blade lodged in it and got stuck.
Day 6. Fever down to a manageable 37C but flu-like symptoms started to kick in. Lots of mucus due to inflamed sinuses. Throat felt better. Difficult to sleep at night due to PND and dry cough.
Day 7. Started to get my legs back but still weaker than normal. Fever gone but head was spinning when trying to do some walking. Excessive mucus due to rhinitis. Started to eat more solid food.
Day 8. [Ongoing]

Drugs used so far:

1. Gatorade
2. Sinupret
3. Paracetamol
4. Ibuprofen
5. Activated charcoal

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